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it's worth more logo, composed of lowercase san-serif orange "i", grey "w" & light green "m" that interlockWith the holiday season behind us, many of us are looking at a pile of old electronics or personal devices that we no longer use. We may have gotten some expensive gifts this year, treated ourselves to a newer phone in honor of the holidays or simply replaced an older model with a newer one. And now, we’re probably wondering what to do with our older electronics.

Why not make money off your unused device by selling it on a used-electronics marketplace like You’ll pad your pockets and give someone else a chance to own a new-to-them device at the same time.

Start by logging onto and filling in the relevant details about your device. You’ll be given an estimated quote for your device along with instructions for sending it in to the company. When they receive your merchandise, they will have it carefully inspected by a team of experts and grade it according to appearance and functionality. They will then pay you via PayPal for your device based on its determined worth. It’s that simple!

You will then be free to use that money to add some room to your budget or to fluff up your savings account at Advantage One. If you’d like to use the cash to purchase an upgraded device, you’ll find an entire selection of inexpensive, refurbished, high-quality phones, smart watches and tablets on Somebody else’s discarded device can be your upgraded phone!

It’s Worth More offers:

  • Customer service guarantees
  • Free shipping on all devices
  • Quality inspections on your device
  • Warranties on purchased devices
  • Information and help every step of the way

Sellers on It’s Worth More claim the site is extremely easy to use and that the payment process for used devices is fair, quick and efficient.

If you’re looking for a way to put some extra cash into your wallet after an expensive holiday season, consider selling your old devices on You might get more than you bargained for!

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