Popular Paint Colors This Summer

Infuse an atmosphere of summer into your home

Spring is in the air,pain_featured but many of us have already got summer on the brain. If your house is feeling a little dreary, and you want to get a head start on summer, freshen things up with a new paint color. Here are some great colors to consider.

Pale Aqua
If you want to keep the summer feeling going all year long, painting a coastal color is an easy way to do it. Pale aqua is perfect for people who find deep teal too overpowering and pastel green too childish. It will give your home the atmosphere of a cool sea breeze while being light enough to not clash with any other color you like.

If you want to maximize the fun vibe in your house and you aren’t afraid to be a little daring, coral will make any room a showstopper. It was listed as one of the “Top 10 Summer Colors” by Tobi Fairley from HGTV, and it’s easy to see why.

“As one of the sea’s most vibrant hues, coral is a standout shade no matter where you use it,” states Fairley. “Accessories are a natural fit for this accent color, whether it’s a pillow sham or a throw for the foot of the bed. For a bigger statement, why not add an unexpected twist by pairing this punchy color with white for a striped ceiling?”

If you want to make a bold change in your home that will impress all your guests, pistachio is your color. Deep and rich but not dark, painting a room pistachio will make even the dreariest weather seem festive. Don’t be scared to go green, it will look great behind most color decorations, and it even helps neutral furniture that is brown or black really pop.

Indigo Blue
Capture the essence of the ocean with indigo blue. This dark color has enough richness to seem lighter than it is, while giving your walls new depth and sophistication. It makes your house seem beachy in a subtle way, which makes it perfect for summer and all year long.

Buttercup Yellow
There are so many shades of yellow to choose from, but they all create a completely different vibe in your home. Stay away from mustard or muted hues if you want your home to feel summery even in the depths of winter and stick with clear, bright shades of buttercup that feel like pure sunshine.

Barely There Blue
White walls were incredibly popular on decorating websites and blogs the past five years, but now it’s time for a new twist. Blue that is so light its almost white is now becoming incredibly popular, and it is perfect for summer. Your house will feel airy and bright, but the blue saves it from being boring or obvious.

“It feels like fresh air when you walk into the room. And it does read as blue — the palest, softest blue, as if you were floating in the sky. Very ethereal, and dreamy.” states Timothy Whealon.

Pick a summery new shade to decorate a room or even just an accent wall this month and you’ll capture that summer feeling in no time.

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