The Financial Skills Employers Wished You Had

Find out the financial-related skills your boss is after

When entering the workplace,Pic_01(28) employers are on the hunt for workers with a wide variety of skills — and expertise in the financial realm fall heavily on the list.

”Knowing which skills are in high demand can help guide decisions around education and work experience,” says Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America. “It can help workers identify where they can potentially transfer their current skill sets or supplement their education to prepare for future opportunities.”

So whether it’s being adept in computers or the ability to manage finances, here are some of the top financial skills that your employers are likely seeking:

1. Proficiency in computers and technology.
Knowing multiple platforms — from basic programs like Microsoft Word to devices such as tablets — is useful in any career, and one that many employers deem vital.

“The most sought-after skill-sets for recruiters are becoming less and less about proficiency in specific processes and coding languages and more about how you think systems through and work within the context of the team,” says Rich Milgram, CEO of career network Beyond. “While having IT knowledge is important, knowing when and how to apply it is even more important.

“Learning a technology is the easy part,” Milgram says. “Having the mindset to apply it, having the mindset and logic to process it, being thorough and detail-oriented while doing so, these are the critical skills.”

2. Problem solving.
Having good problem-solving abilities means you excel in both logic and creativity in order to produce a workable solution.

“Globalization and advancements in technology means the productivity and efficiency demanded from workers is higher, adding pressure to new workers,” explains Jody Miller, CEO of Business Talent Group. Those good at solving problems are able to think strategically, and bring to the table both ideas and solutions — and that’s the key to making your boss and company money.

Additionally, when your employer knows you excel in problem solving, they’re able to trust you with important projects necessary to the company’s success.

“Leaders don’t want to micromanage their employees, but often they are forced to because the employees lack critical thinking skills,” says executive coach and leadership consultant Dave Gambrill. “Ideally, you’d like to say, ‘I trust you to make decisions that are good for the business,’ and let people come up with their own solutions.”

3. Money management.
Knowing how to manage money on the job means that you’ll succeed and running into cash issues will be few and far between. It requires discipline, responsibility and independence — all key skill sets in the workplace.

“People need to have a plan for their money,” says Steve Bucci, debt adviser of Bankrate and president of Money Management International Financial Education Foundation. “If you don’t have a plan and the other person does have a plan, they’re going to win because they have the discipline, goal and desire and you’re just sort of playing by ear.”

4. Math skills.
Whether you’re ordering supplies, need to follow a budget or just want to sort out your paid time off, basic or even advanced math skills are essential in the professional world. Another example: Many businesses track their revenue with mathematical charts and tables, measurements or financial calculations. By being able to comprehend the mathematics in these data, you can get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

5. Experience.
Above all, having previous work experience is one of the finest accomplishments to have under your belt.

“You don’t want to hire someone who needs extra training and won’t be able to hit the ground running and get the job done,” explains Jody Miller, CEO of Business Talent Group. If you’re just entering your field, be sure to take on a few internships or other work if you’re lacking experience.

Study up and you can get to the head of the work class.

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