Email it. Text it. Pay people with Popmoney®

Have you ever found yourself without the ability to pay a friend back? Or maybe you’re always picking up the tab for lunch and get the “I’ll get you next time!” from your friend. Popmoney® can help you out in both of these situations!

Popmoney lets you send or receive funds directly from account to account. Repay your friend for those concert tickets. Get that $7.50 back from your co-worker who NEVER remembers to pick up the lunch tab. You can even schedule sending your half of the rent to your roommate. Popmoney can make any of these scenarios fast, simple and safe!

Click here to visit our page and see how to set up Popmoney on your account.

If you want to view even more information on Popmoney, you can visit them here.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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